Data Science

Build intelligent products

Data Science enables the organization to identify patterns in large volumes of fast‐moving structured and unstructured data. It helps the organization to gain decision‐making capabilities, achieve their business outcomes and generate new revenue streams.

Data Science alone will not generate value for the business. The uncovered relationships need to be evolved and embedded in your products. ADSI specializes in end to end process of commercializing data science that creates highly successful businesses.

The most important aspect of data science is the understanding of a domain. Our team of world‐class data scientists, including PhDs in specific domains (Pharma, Healthcare, Chemical industries), can help you uncover hidden value in your data and key business drivers to help you achieve most out of the data you have. We offer complete data science services from building the roadmap, architect the process and technology and implement the architecture. With all these, we deliver the business value ‐ increase revenue, maximize utility and reduce costs.

We adopt advanced Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence solutions to enable a quantum leap in your automated operations, risk management, and personalized customer service.

Our Data Science Lifecycle includes these steps:

1.) Data Acquisition

            Collected data from various sources in a variety of formats, ranging from unstructured data to structured XML documents

2.) Data Analysis

             This involves applying analytics techniques to identify key predictors and descriptors, which can then be used in an algorithm to identify leading trends

3.) Data Transformation

          Analyzed data can be transformed in accordance with business rules to discern correlations and generate possible resolutions

4.) Modeling & visualizations

          Performing analysis of data leveraging different modeling techniques to answer business‐critical challenges.

5.) Maintenance and Support

          This process can be further extended through supporting to automate failure resolution proactively.

Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning Solution

AI and machine learning are coming into their own amid a data explosion. Machine learning is contingent on huge amounts of data to train the algorithms so that they can adjust and improve. Organizations today have a mountain of data ‐ and will continue to generate more and more. With AI and ML, it’s possible to use that data to get value not possible with human analysis alone, leading to improved effectiveness and productivity with new insights and automation.

ADSI believes that AI and machine learning are going to play a critical role in your ability to get answers from your machine data. Hence, we allow you to complement your expertise of your organization and your data with AI and machine learning for enhanced effectiveness and productivity, across industries, use cases, and skill set.

Our Data Science service with AI and ML enable organizations:

  •  Build Scalable and highly accurate product demand forecast
  • Identify the most valuable customer segment
  • Recommends products to cross‐sell and upsell
  • Better collaborate with peers
  • Avoid costly downtime and improve customer satisfaction
  • Dissolve IT silos and disjointed responses
  • Eliminate tedious and manual tasks
  • Predict and optimize maintenance to reduce servicing costs

Tools and Technologies

At ADSI, we build and operate fast data using an emerging architecture “SMACK” stack (Spark, Mesosphere, Akka, Cassandra, and Kafka). This enables enterprises to easily access tremendous amounts of data ‐ businesses extract value from data and build modern applications that serve customers with personalized services, in real time, and at scale.

Fast and general engine for distributed, large‐scale data processing, machine learning, SQL, and graph computation.

Cluster resource management system that provides efficient resource isolation for running data services and containerized microservices.

A toolkit and runtime for building highly concurrent, distributed, and resilient message‐driven applications on the JVM

A distributed, highly available database designed to handle large amounts of data across multiple data centers.

A distributed, highly available messaging system to ensure millions of events per second arecaptured through connected endpoints with no loss